Green bay


Banyuwangi may only be known as the Ketapang port. This is one of the accesses to Bali by land. When the holidays arrive, Ketapang Port will be very crowded. In fact, the beaches around Ketapang Port are used as tourist attractions, especially at night while enjoying the lights that shine around the harbor.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that Banyuwangi has a lot of beautiful tourist charms. One of them is the charm of Sarongan Pesanggaran green bay, Banyuwangi, East Java or popularly known as Green Bay Banyuwangi. The specialty of this beach is because the sea water is green on the edge then it turns blue as it is in the middle of the ocean. With clean white sand, you like traveling on the beaches of Lombok and Bali.

This Green Bay Beach is located in the area of ​​Meru Betiri National Park, Sarongan Village, Pesanggrahan District, Banyuwangi, East Java. The distance from the city of Banyuwangi is around 90 kilometers which can be reached for approximately two hours of travel. Access to Green Bay is not only accessible through land access. Access from the sea can be passed through the Rajagwesi coastline by renting a boat.

The reason why you should come here is Because this Green Bay Banyuwangi tourist spot has a landscape similar to Tanjung Layar Bayah, Banten. Apart from being a virgin, some spots have their own beauty. Just say one of them has a waterfall on the beach surrounded by beautiful rocks. The waterfall with a height of about 8 meters is often used as a place for natural rinse. Interesting right?

Green Bay Beach began to be known by netizens in mid-2015. Until now, some travelers began to make many of these attractions become one of the destinations that must be visited. Because the road to this virgin place is steep and rocky, only a few travelers return here to enjoy the natural beauty of Banyuwangi Green Bay.

Green Bay Beach is relatively safe for swimming. The waves are not too dangerous but you still have to be alert. Even more interesting is the Batu beach. True, this beach is called a rock because the coast of the coast is not covered in soft white sand, but almost entirely covered by clean rocks. The arrangement of the rocks at Batu Beach is like it has been arranged neatly. In fact, these rocks are arranged naturally.

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