From Banyuwangi to Bali by Bus

This idea to explain how the way from Banyuwangi to Bali by bus came when one of our guests wanted to go to Bali but transit in Surabaya by plane. It left us shock since Bali is such a girl next door to Banyuwangi but why he needed to reach Surabaya which is far-far-far away. When I told him why just don’t go by bus, he was confused as in the internet he surfed none told about it so seemed impossible.

It’s possible.

It is.

After you explore the beauties of Banyuwangi then your next plan to chill in Bali (since you’ll not feel alone in this island because of the international tourists galore), don’t hesitate to go there by bus. Unless, you’re that kinda person who’s ok spend more money.

Because the ticket of plane vs bus Banyuwangi-Bali is 10x more expensive. Plane could be Rp1.000.000, bus around Rp100.000. Think about it, ok?

Yes, time is money because if you go by bus means you need extra time.

Here is the depiction if you choose bus from Banyuwangi to Bali.

If you’re already in Central Banyuwangi, worry not. Plenty of bus there. But if your position is in the remote area, or let say South Banyuwangi, means you need more energy. Because from South Banyuwangi to the closest bus terminal is ±2 hours.

Come to the bus terminal called Jajag by ojek (pricey). The buses going to Bali is available every hour, relax. And then tell anyone who offers you bus that you wanna go to Bali. They will inform you as soon as the bus is ready. Come in. Relax again.

If you’ll reach Denpasar, means 5 hours more. But if it’s the Bali side, 2 hours is enough.

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