Enjoy Green Bay, Banyuwangi by Boat

There are 2 options if you want to reach Green Bay, Banyuwangi after you arrive in Meru Betiri National Park. One is by trekking, two is by boat. By boat is exciting since you’ll experience several advantages just for Rp35.000 (return). You’re not tired, you get the scenery along the ocean, and of course saves time. Don’t worry about your return because will always come another boat carry you. Just never lose your ticket because you have to give it to the fisherman (in case you lose it, give some excuse and pity expression hehe)

Green Bay (Teluk Ijo), Banyuwangi

Along the way even it’s just quick ride, I guarantee you’ll never stop being grateful of what you’re seeing. Now the boat is moving, and a hill named Undag-Undag waits ahead, it’s on the right side from where you take a seat. It’s big, uneven, and has such a cave. Wave hits, sometimes a fisherman stands up there, waiting for his bait bitten.

Going to Green Bay, Banyuwangi by boat

And limitless scenery is surrounding you until you touch down the white sand. Blue sky, birds chirping, green trees, everything is like a bowl and you’re inside in the middle.

At least try this once in your whole life before you die. You must know how enjoying Green Bay through boat is splendid on another level. 

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