Sukamade Tour, Traveling + Learning Nature

If traveling is learning, yes. Sukamade tour is on another level. By joining Sukamade tour, means we do agree to appreciate nature and get mingled with them. Just one day, even less than 24 hours you should deal with no-signal-no-electricity reality. So once you touch down there, your phone is should be a bit forgotten.

River in Sukamade, Meru Betiri National Park

The sea-turtle conservation area is 700 meters from the beach gate, this place is filled by homestays, small mosque, ticket office, basecamps, canteen, hatchery. Quiet, too quiet, you’ll find no one but those rangers* and visitors. Lucky you if you come in low-season you could be one and only visitor. But if it’s high-season, prepare yourself just like in any other destinations.

*) ranger is the officer there who’s responsible to protect di area

I suggest you come at 3 or 4 P. M. because the program will start at 8, but the beach is closed at 5 P. M. for personal visit. The plus point if you come not too early and not too late is you no need to wait forever. After arriving, reach the beach then walk around the area. How funny because dozen monkeys welcome you. Remember: don’t show any food in front of them, take care of your belongings, never open window and door because the smaller the monkey, the naughtier it is.

On the way Sukamade beach
On the way Sukamade beach

Along the way to the beach, you’ll walk in the middle of the jungle. Uncountable trees surround you if you’re lucky you can meet deer or black pig or another ‘luckiness’ to meet snake. Ehe.

Now, 700 meters you’ve passed and you finally see how Sukamade Beach is. The wave is never low and the beach line is 3000 meters straight. The sand might not be white, but it doesn’t decrease the beauty of Sukamade. Sometimes eagle flies welcome you. Sometimes fishermen there, shows how they work.

Sukamade Beach

After you enjoy afternoon beach, you can go back to your room and wait for the dinner at 7 P. M.. 30 minutes after that, you should gather in front of the register office area to get a briefing before seeing sea-turtle.

This place is fun, this place is friendly. But still some obligations you need to follow:

  1. As mentioned, the distance from the place you stand up now to the GATE of the beach is 700 m, along the way (which means jungle) you are allowed to turn on light. But once you arrive at the gate of the beach, please no light at all. Because sea-turtle is sensitive towards light if she knows something/one is watching her before laying the eggs, she will cancel and go back to ocean
  2. Sukamade is sea-turtle conservation area, no wonder several sea-turtles come almost every night. Take note, however the number of sea-turtles, visitors will only see one sea-turtle for one night. For animal welfare
  3. Sea-turtle might not be sensitive towards voice but doesn’t mean you should make noise. Just respect nature and speak normally, don’t yell, don’t cry.
  4. When you finally meet sea-turtle and eager to take pictures (sure), always turn OFF the blitz of your camera. Relax, the ranger will assist you with his flashlight. If you wanna pose beside her, make sure you make distance. Stop that thought of touching sea-turtle, don’t appear in front of sea-turtle
  5. No guarantee visitors 100% will meet sea-turtle, the probability could even be 0%. But there’s exact program Sukamade has that is releasing baby sea-turtles in the morning

Now, what you should know is what you have to prepare:

  1. Insect Repellent Lotion/Spray
    Whatsoever you name it. Just choose the best for you. Mostly mosquito repellent is what you need, just in case you can bring other insect repellents too. Bring them as many as you can! Because the mosquito of Sukamade is near to witch on earth (ehe). Sometimes anything you apply lightly on your skin just gone like black magic and they can bite you don’t know-how. Plus, the bump they present to your skin is something new. If your skin is sensitive, after the bump, it’s gonna be reddish, and everlast (it could be gone, but takes time)
  2. Raincoat
    You can come in the Summer holiday, but who knows. Don’t forget we now are existing in the global warming era and sudden rain in Summer is possible. We want you enjoy your adventure, not be sick and come home no memory
    Sea-turtle lays eggs in Sukamade Beach
  3. Wind-breaker
    You might label me a liar since you would see the locals walk along the bank with shorts and sarung (large tube of traditional fabric) casually. But people are different. Some can resist coldness, some not … not at all—like me. This wind-breaker helps you a lot as
  4. Flip-flops
    What you’ll stand to is still the raw land, so when it gets wet, having shoes on your feet of course unpleasant. Flip-flops are best friends in this kind of situation!
  5. Camera
    Haha! I know, I know, without even I tell you this, you will bring it. Yes. Who wants to miss this rare moment in a lifetime not to documentary the gathering between human and sea-turtle?

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